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My Le-Vel Thrive Experience - Weeks 3 and 4

Sun, 04/12/2015 - 8:26am

I'm a bit behind on my Thrive updates. But for good reason. I've been busy doing paid client work and spending time with our new dog, Mimi. Here she is hanging out with Brady and the cats. Isn't she pretty? 

I'm hopeful she will help me to be more active. She has a bad leg, but she still loves to go for short walks. So that's a start toward getting me out and moving. Honestly, before Thrive, I'm not sure I would have agreed to taking her in when my friends were in need. I'm pretty sure the idea of taking care of one more living creature would have been too much for me. With the energy and renewed outlook I have since taking Thrive, I didn't think twice about volunteering and was actually excited about the prospect. 

Anyway, let me give you a quick update on my progress. It will be short and sweet, mostly just photos so you can see the difference. I've been feeling prettty much the same as I did in my first and second updates

Week 3 Update 

Here's a side by side before and after of my face. The first is me with makeup, which covers the circles I usually have under my eyes. The second is me at week 3 of my Thrive Experience wearing no makeup. I think these photos really sum up how I'm feeling. My eyes are brighter. My skin no longer looks pasty and pale. My face is thinner. Being able to see these physical changes makes me even more excited about continuing my Thrive Experience. 

Can you see the difference? I think it's amazing. At three weeks, I was still feeling great. Energized, with very little joint pain. I also noticed that my respiratory allergy symptoms were improved. I'm allergic to wheat and milk, both of which make me stuffy with a runny nose. It's been much better since Thrive. Also, I've gotten only one headache since starting this journey., and it wasn't as bad as my usual ones That's pretty darn good for me. 

Week 4 Update

At the beginning of week 4, I noticed I was a bit more tired and had some bad cravings. To be upfront, I haven't really changed my diet thus far, though I have seemed to eat less, feeling full sooner. I've defrinitely been drinking more water this entire experience. I know that has been a really positive thing for my body overall. But back to my tiredness and cravings. Pretty sure that was just hormonal, related to PMS and the start of my period. That's to be expected, and i didn't stress over it much. My weight loss seemed to be at a stand still. However, I also think this is related to my menstrual cycle. Here are before and after photos at four weeks. 

Again, I can mainly see the difference in my face. Oh yeah, and my favorite bra fits comfortably again. Yay! But why is it that you tend to lose weight in your boobs first? i'd kind of like to keep those. Dammit. 

Well, there you have it. Weeks 3 and 4 updates. I am still feeling fantastic, looking better and losing weight gradually. Visit my Le-Vel Thrive website to learn more or please feel free to contact me. I'd love to help you start Thriving, too. If you're like me, you may be thinking it's worth a shot. I knew that nothing was going to change if I didn't do something, and I'm so very glad I did. 

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Online Dating Reality #3 - People are Disgusting

Sun, 03/29/2015 - 2:53pm

In today's online dating reality post I'll be addressing the subject that all of my Facebook friends are already well aware of, and that's the fact that people are disgusting. I share regularly on social media the raunchy approaches and messages I receive from men on dating sites. I do this beause, prior to entering the online dating scene two years ago, I honestly had no idea just how gross people could be. Maybe I'm naive. However, friends continue to be surprised by my postings, so I'm not the only one. If you're just as blissfully unaware of the depths of disgusting that you are likely to encounter in online dating, let me help to prepare you for the inevitable.

First Words Out of Their Mouths

Yep, they will be raunchy before ever exchanging a word with you. Just the other day, I received this gem - "well then can you deep throat?" That's exactly how he wrote it. No capitalization or punctuation beyond a question mark. Yes, I'm a writer. I'm offended by this, as well as by the fact that he assumed I was going to suck his dick. Who introduces themselves this way? This doesn't usually happen in real life. As with most internet trolls, the online dating dumbasses like to hide behind their computer screens in an attempt to be as offensive or shocking as possible. The thing I can't understand is the motive. We're all using these sites to achieve something. Even if that something is sex, approaching someone by asking her if she deep throats doesn't seem like the best way to get it. What do you think? 

Sorry. Trying to figure out the motives of online dumbasses is a blog post in itself. This post is just to give you a heads up that they exist and to let you know that they will likely approach you. No one was nice enough to warn me. Just to give you a clue of some of the kinds of obnoxious messages you may receive, here are some of my favorites that come to mind, sorry to those of you who've heard them before:

  • You into BDSM, Goddess? 
  • U swallow?
  • Hi honey how are you baby?
  • Let's play Mary ;)
  • I wish you would have my baby... blue eyes red hair... yeah. Lol
  • Would you make love in a bed of Circus Peanuts? (after reading that my weakness is for this awful candy)
  • Heyyyy sexy how r u

These aren't even the worst, just some of the more memorable or most recent. I wish I had kept a file of the horrible messages I've gotten since day one. 

Get Ready for the Photos

Sometimes you'll actually start conversing with someone because they've approached you in a respectful manner and seem interesting. Don't be shocked, though, when he sends you the infamous unsolicited dick pic. Yes, that is a thing. It does happen. Sometimes they will ask if you want a picture. Other times, you'll just be surprised by having it pop up on your phone. Men are proud of their junk, I guess. But most of the women I've spoken to have no interest in seeing an up-close, unedited photo of a man's cock before meeting him or being at a point where she'd actually consider being intimate with him. I mean, there you are exchanging "getting to know you" texts, and up pops an unflattering photo of his dick. Again, I don't know what they're thinking when they do stuff like this. 

I think I'll start sending them this video: 

It'll Be Okay

All right, please say I haven't completely scared you away from the prospect of internet dating. That was never my intent. I just believe that it's best to have information upfront before taking on something new, rather than to be completely taken by surprise. I'd want someone to tell me. Did anyone? Nope. Thanks a lot, single friends! 

Online dating can be filled with some disgusting people. Sometimes you receive a nice surpise in your inbox in the form of a thoughtful, interesting introduction. If you take a look through my past posts about online dating, you'll see that I have met some very wonderful men and had some great experiences. My biggest advice would be to try to have a sense of humor, don't engage the dumbasses and remain hopeful. It can be difficult. Believe me, I know. Some days, you want to scream. There may be times you decide to take a break from it all. I've done that, too. Follow your gut and be open to experiences. Also know that sometimes people are just disgusting.

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My Thrive Experience Week 2

Mon, 03/23/2015 - 9:17pm

It's been a little over two weeks since the beginning of my Thrive Experience. I'm still feeling fantastic. This update will be a bit shorter than my first because I haven't noticed a lot that's new. I've still got energy, and I'm calmer. Just more optimistic and relaxed, overall. I'm sure the improved sleep I've experienced has contributed to my better mood. And having the energy to get through my day absolutely makes me feel more optimistic. Before I always felt like I was behind on everything, and it seemed there was so little chance I'd get things done that it hardly seemed worth trying. It led to an ugly cycle of depression. 

Before Thrive

When I asked my friend for a sample of Thrive, I truly was at the point of desperation. I was constantly tired, with absolutely no focus. I was sleeping in shifts throughout the day and night. Three or four hour naps. No matter how I tried to get back on a regular sleep schedule, nothing worked. Being constantly fatigued made it impossible to think straight. I was becoming more and more pessimistic about things improving. 

And my physical health was suffering. I had put on so much weight over the past year and a half or so. My appetite was out of control, and I'm sure it was a combination of inactivity and emotional eating. Just going to the grocery store felt like attempting an hour-long advanced cardio class. It had become absolutely ridiculous. I was sleeping through my life, falling further behind on my goals. I knew it was time to do something, anything. 

Since Thrive

Thrive is not a miracle worker, but it's darn close. No, I'm not constantly energetic. And I'm not knocking everything off my list each and every day. But since I started my Thrive Experience, it all seems so much more possible. My sleep is the biggest improvement. I immediatley began sleeping regularly, each night, for eight hours at least. I wake up without an alarm, and I am able to get out of bed without creaky, sore knees and joints. I sit on the couch with my legs crossed and my computer on my lap for long periods throughout the day. I'm able to get up without pain and go down the stairs with ease. 

I'm still absent minded and a bit foggy. As someone with adult ADD, that's kind of to be expected. Like I said, Thrive is not a miracle worker. However, my mind is much clearer. I can complete short articles and blog posts without switching over to Facebook, email, dating sites and back again. As you can imagine, my productivity has improved. I feel so much more accomplished and like the goals I have set for myself are really possible. 

I went for a walk the other day, and I baked banana bread this weekend. These are two things that never would have happened before Thrive. Two very easy daily tasks that were completley beyond my reach. It's been a long time since I've enjoyed some of the most simple things life has to offer. I'm so much more positive now that I'm feeling better. I'm more patient with my kids and even more fun and outgoing when I go on dates. Not to mention my sex life has improved. Remember how difficult just going grocery shopping used to be for me? Imagine actual physical activity. It was exhausiting! Fun, but exhausting. Having energy for things makes life so much more fun! 

One thing I should note before moving on is that there was a short period of a few days where I felt very hungry and quite tired. After doing some reserch I think that may have been simply my body getting rid of toxins and briidging some of the nutritional gaps that were present. I've heard other Thrivers mention the same issues, as well as friends who have tried other nutritional supplements. That time has passed, and I'm no longer feeling sluggish periods in my days.

Weight Loss

Here's one of the biggest benefits - the weight loss. I was so excited that I already spilled the beans on Facebook. In two weeks, I've lost five pounds! That's without changing much about my diet or adding any exercise regime. I have started drinking a lot more water, and for the most part, my appetite has decreased. Here's the proof. Check out the scale! 

And here are side by side photos of me at the beginning of my Thrive Experience and two weeks in. I can tell a slight difference in my appearance. Can you? If you were to see me in real life, you'd probably be able to tell that the bags under my eyes are less visible, and my skin and eyes are brighter. Those are some changes I've definitely noticed. 

It's recommended that you try Thrive for at least eight weeks in order to feel the maximum effects. Some people notice a dramatic difference on day one. Some don't. I suspect it has to do with your beginning level of nutrition and fitness. I, personally, had nowhere to go but up. If you'd like to read other testimonials besides mine, head on over to the Le-Vel Facebook page to take a look. They have tons of stories of how Thrive is improving people's lives. 

If you're curious about what Thrive is, take al look at this post I wrote about the products I take. You can also visit my website to learn more or sign up as a free customer. 

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More About Le-Vel Thrive Products

Thu, 03/19/2015 - 4:46pm

I wrote recently about the new nutritional line I am taking and how I have signed up to be a Brand Promoter for the company. I wanted to write a little more about the products and the goals I have for my experience before I take the time to write my next update letting you know how I'm feeling on the product. The company is called Le-Vel, and the product line is Thrive.  You may have seen myself and others posting about Le-Vel Thrive on Facebook and other places online or talking about it in your real life circles. The reason people are talking about it is simply because it is a product that does what it claims to do, and it's made a difference in the lives of many people who take it, including mine. 

The DFT Difference

There are three basic products to the line. I'd like to start with the Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT patch, even though it's the last in the Thrive 3-step process. DFT stands for Derma Fusion Technology, indicating that it is placed on the skin and that the ingredients are absorbed into the system through the skin. This is a delivery system that is a first of its kind. The DFT system offers time-released delivery of a unique formula that boosts metabolism, aids in weight loss, improves mental clarity and aids in appetite control. 

I am using the Thrive Plus - DFT Ultra, which is a larger patch that delivers a higher concentration of the formula. It's meant for people like me who have 50 or more pounds to lose. It's also good for highly active folks and athletes. I'm quite happy with the results of this product. The DFT patch contains ingredients such as green coffee bean extract, garcinia cambrogia, CoQ10, white willow bark, green tea extract and other proprietary blends. I lvoe the energy it gives me! 

Premium Lifestyle Capsule

The Thrive Premium Lifestyle Capsules are the first part of the 3-step process. The capsule comes in a women's formula and a men's. I belive that the men's formula simply contains a higher level of ingredients. Contained in the capsules is a natural formula of vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, antioxidants, enzymes, probiotics and amino acids. The ingredients are basically a blend of vitamins, along with folic acid, chromium, vanadium and selenium. 

Premium Lifestyle Mix

The Premium Lifestyle Mix is the shake. It can be purhcased in individual packets or by the canister. This mix was designed to complement the capsules. It contains a blend of vitamins and minerals, as well. The ingredients are formulated for both men and women and are a nutrient-rich formula that is meant to support lean muscles and aid in weight management. 

Used all together, the 3-step process combines to give you the Thrive Experience. Results, obviously, will vary and are based on which gaps may exist in your particular nutritional needs. Typically, users experience improved cognitive performance, support of digestive and immune systems, lean muscle and joint support, pain management support, aid in weight management and more. 

Here is the easy 3-step process involved in the Thrive Experience, and it's recommended to give the products eight weeks to fully notice the ultimate difference. However, most people, including myself, notice improvement in various areas much sooner. Sometimes even the first day! 

This video gives you an overview of the products. Please visit my Le-Vel Thrive site if you'd like to learn more. If you'd like to try a sample of the products, I can have a two-day sample sent out to you for $10,  a four-day sample for $20, etc.  

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, and please visit my site to learn more! By the way, signing up as a Brand Promoter is free and offers upgrade packages not available to customers. There's no pressure to sell and no quotas. Many people sign up simply because they're so happy with the results. I'm one of those people. Most of you know I'm no salesperson. I would, however, love to earn enough money to purchase my own Thrive products as well as share the experience with others I think would benefit from it. Let me know if you have questions!

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25 Things I Betcha Didn't Know About Me

Sun, 03/15/2015 - 7:38am

My friend, Tracy, recently challenged the members of her Mastermind group to share 25 things about themselves in a blog post. I've never written one of these posts in six years of blogging, so it's probably about time I do. I tend to be pretty forthcoming here on the blog, as well as on Facebook and in my real life. I feel like there's not a lot I haven't shared about myself. But I'll give it a try. Here I go. 

  1. Most of you know that I've been online dating for awhile now. I guess I've always been a little boy crazy. I can remember chasing a male classmate around the room trying to steal a kiss all the way back in Kindergarten. 
  2. I have a terrible sweet tooth and am addicted to candy. One of my favorite kinds is Circus Peanuts. I'm not sure many adults would admit to that. 
  3. I'm allergic to wheat and milk. Because the biggest symptom I experience is a stuffy nose, I tend to eat whatever I please. 
  4. This leads to the revelation that I have absolutely no willpower. Especially when it comes to food. It's very hard for me to cut out things that are bad for me. However, for my health, I intend to try. 
  5. I'm an only child. I always assumed that my child would be, as well. As a mother of three, I was obviously mistaken. 
  6. I'm not the most confident driver and don't enjoy driving in unfamiliar places. However, when I get a car again, I vow to drive absolutely everywhere! 
  7. I belong to a secret group of about 10 members on Facebook. I consider them to be amongst my closest friends and biggest source of support, though I've only met two of them in real life. 
  8. I've worked in two facilities for male juvenile offenders. I learned quite a bit from those young men. 
  9. One of my favorite jobs was working as an Activities Assistant in a nursing home. So much fun! 
  10. I was truly honored to have received the Oustanding Academic Adviser of the Year award for two consecutive years from the students at the community college where I worked before having my third child and deciding to work from home as a freelance writer. 
  11. I was in a sorority in college. It was a shocker to me, too. I'm not exaclty a joiner. And, truthfully, I never did fit in that well, but I made a few really great friends and learned a lot about myself and others. 
  12. You all know I'm a true blue liberal in my politics, right? Did you know I come from a family of staunch conservatives? 
  13. I truly loved the very first two men I met through dating sites after my divorce. Though I've made a good friend or two, there hasn't been that kind of strong emotional connection since. Beginner's luck? 
  14. I lived in an all female residence hall in college and actually enjoyed it quite a bit, despite wanting to go co-ed in the beginning. 
  15. My family moved across the state my senior year of high school. It didn't ruin my life, despite my teenage protests otherwise. I actually made a lot of friends and ended up having a support system when many of us started as freshmen at the university in our town. 
  16. I have never had a broken bone. Knock on wood.
  17. I've been to a swingers club. Though I witnessed many, many things, I did not swing. I promised my Facebook friends I'd write about it. I will. Honest.
  18. I hated being pregnant. Hated it, yet did it three times. 
  19. Despite the fact that I have two cats that I take pictures of and talk about all the time, I secretly am a dog person. Shhh... don't tell the cats. 
  20. I've never been content with being average. However, success came easier to me when I was younger. That's been hard for me to deal with over the past several years. Guess I'll just have to work harder. 
  21. I'm oblivious when it comes to pop culture. Unless it happened in the early '80's to mid '90's, I'm clueless. During the time that I've been raising kids, I've really only absorbed what they've liked. Financial and time constraints have kept me from paying attention to much else. 
  22. I despise winter. I majored in Spanish in college with the intent of moving some place warm with a high Spanish speaking population. As we know, life doesn't always work out as planned. I'm still here in Pennsylvania. 
  23. I don't make friends easily in real life. I tend not to "fit in." I have had the same best friend in my life for over 20 years, and I consider myself quite fortunate for that. 
  24. I'm highly sensitive, in every way. I used to cry over anything and everything in elementary school. Though I've gained control of my emotions over the years, I'm still easily affected by things. 
  25. I've never traveled beyond the borders of North America. I plan to change that one day.

There you have it- 25 things about me. I actually did it. I tried to come up with stuff y'all didn't already know and hope I was successful at that. Have you written a 25 Things blog post? Link it in the comments or even just tell me one thing I don't know about you!

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