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A Commission.

Brain overflow ... here ya go! - Wed, 11/25/2015 - 12:28am

24"x30"Acrylic on Canvas
A commission. 

Giving Thanks

BC3 President's Blog - Tue, 11/24/2015 - 4:08pm
Hello, Pioneers! Last year, I shared a Top 10 List of Giving Thanks. In recognition of the Thanksgiving holiday, here is my 2015 List. 10. Our Alumni Association. Established in 1997, this fine group of BC3 grads is always supportive. 9. Our Degree Completion Partners. Unique; innovative; and tens of thousands of dollars saved. The […]

Circus Town ~

Butler, PA Blog - Tue, 11/24/2015 - 3:30am
Abandoned cage. Photo: Dennis Keyes

Joseph Sherman's Car ~ Made in Butler

Butler, PA Blog - Thu, 11/12/2015 - 3:23pm
Joseph Sherman established his machine shop in Butler in 1890. Two automobiles were built in the Butler factory very early in the 20th Century, one owned by the J.B. Sherman family, the other by the A.E. Russell family.
From an undated clipping of an auto-club run in the Russell car from Butler to Pittsburgh:  "These cars, both 50 horse power, have run throughout the season, with little or no repairs, and without one serious breakdown. Members of the party who made the trip say that some of the miles were covered at a mile a minute clip, and even then the big machine did not seem to be anywhere near its limit of speed."
Thanks: Jeff Schalles

Our Constant Reminder ~

Butler, PA Blog - Wed, 11/11/2015 - 10:22am
For those who served.For those who died.

Halloween Shenanigans.

Brain overflow ... here ya go! - Sun, 11/01/2015 - 11:04am
Hope you had a fantastic Halloween! Love, Pizzazz and Raymond Reddington. ❤

Oh and this happened. I LOL'd.

South Side Fire Department ~

Butler, PA Blog - Sun, 11/01/2015 - 7:35am
Across the street from Diehl's BakeryThanks: Robert Emigh

BHS ~ Golden Tornado Football ~ 2015

Butler, PA Blog - Sat, 10/24/2015 - 4:19am

                      BHS 17 [L] – Altoona - 19                      BHS 22 [L] – Baldwin - 45                         BHS 07 [L] -  North Hills - 35                      BHS 20 [L] -  Shaler - 30                      BHS 07 [L] -  Seneca Valley - 43                      BHS 07 [L] -  North Allegheny - 41                      BHS 30 [L] -  Pine Richland - 67                      BHS 30 [W] - Fox Chapel  - 22                       BHS 00 [L] -  Central Catholic - 49

Deshon VA Hospital ~

Butler, PA Blog - Fri, 10/23/2015 - 5:20am
Thanks: Dennis Moffitt

Flooding ~ 1954

Butler, PA Blog - Fri, 10/16/2015 - 4:28pm

Looking down Pillow Street towards West Cunningham Street. The date on the back of the photo is 9/15/1954.Thanks: Carl Aquaviva 

"They're Coming To Get You"

Brain overflow ... here ya go! - Tue, 10/13/2015 - 5:22pm

"They're Coming To Get You"
acrylic on canvas
Original available HERE. Prints available HERE.
So yea! Last weekend I was vending at Living Dead Weekend in Evans City! For those of you that don't know, Night of the Living Dead was filmed in Evans City, Pennsylvania (which is a part of my home town of Butler, PA.) Evans City is super proud of this, and I don't blame them! So fun! Sadly, I didn't have time to go visit the actual grave yard from the movie. Will definitely try next time we go through!

I didn't get too many pictures through the weekend, except for these two special visitors.

Our good friend Steve Soley who is a photographer came through and got our annual shot. :)Thanks Steve!

I've been crazy busy lately. This was my third weekend in a row that I had an outside show.One more to go! Whew! Subscribe to my events on facebook to keep informed of my whereabouts!
See you soon! 

BC3 PSU Articulation Signing

BC3 President's Blog - Sat, 10/10/2015 - 10:49am
There have been lots of special moments for me since becoming President of the College in 2007 — new buildings, new campuses, major gifts, new programs, etc. Articulation signings are important in our “student-centered” environment, but describing them as special on a personal-level might be stretching it a bit. That is until yesterday. On October […]

St. Michael School ~

Butler, PA Blog - Wed, 10/07/2015 - 6:20am
Opened 1922Thanks: Butlerbloggers

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